Is Paranoia Good for You?

Hello Good People who read this blog….

I’m not really sure what I am going to write in this blog, and that’s because I am paranoid that perhaps you aren’t going to like it, actually I am writing this blog rant because I have to go to a thing tomorrow that is making me totally paranoid but I am too paranoid to tell you what it is…perhaps with more wine and time, I will…..maybe you should be paranoid because in reading this blog you are associating yourself with a deeply subversive person and therefore your ip address or your phone will become linked to me and they will track you down and watch you from now on. Am I being paranoid? Yes! But paranoia is a good thing.

The problem with positive thinking is that it is essentially for the easily brainwashed oppressively dull people of this world.  Let me give you the example of a dog I used to know, to protect his identity I will call him ‘Rufus’.

Rufus used to like to bark at postmen, at tall males in general, he barked at rustling sounds during the night that were outside near the front porch and laughed himself into a frenzy if you tried to do yoga in the living room, silly humans!

Rufus also liked to steal tuna sandwiches and  a sausage or two. He happily lived in a house with nice subversive and cultured people who loved books, music and art… and when the family were sitting down eating dinner and having heated discussions about the arts, he liked to quietly steal the odd morsel off their plates and so he thought he was a very clever dog and that his human family were rather silly not to notice his little tricks.

However this nice family had a next door neighbour called Dave who was not so cultured or nice. Dave would come round with little sausages and the odd tuna sandwich to give to Rufus and they became best friends. Rufus couldn’t wait for Dave to come round and to pat him and give him tasty treats. The dog didn’t question Dave’s motives or politics, he just thought he smelt rather nice. However it turned out Dave was a policeman who used to like arresting people just because it was fun and that they weren’t English, and Dave was also a chauvinistic womanizer with no morals who framed people he didn’t like the look of and indulged in a bit of violence whenever he could get away with it.  Dave never really read a book and was annoying all the nice people living in that house who were also quite scared of him. But all Rufus saw, tasted and smelt were the nice sausages and tuna sandwiches and he liked being patted by his new best friend.

Rufus the dog exemplifies people who say that the glass is half full instead of half empty. Rufus should have barked at the nasty man but he wasn’t paranoid enough.

I say: Who gave you the glass? Why did they give it to you? What do they want? If it’s half full what is it half full of? Is it mineral water or is it more likely to be bleach? That’s how my mind works, I know it’s meant be bad to be paranoid, but it’s taken me years to get this way. I have worked on becoming paranoid without (too much) insanity,  and I think paranoia shows your brain is switched on. This was meant to be a fun post but perhaps has become a serious one, perhaps it is both..because I think that accepting and validating some level of paranoia is a good way to operate most of the time, not only that, but the longer you live in a city like London and use the internet or a smart phone or even a travel card, or a debit card and are a little bit subversive, the more you should value some forms of paranoia. Before I continue I am going to put some music on. Listen to it while indulging in your favourite vice, but don’t tell anyone what your vice is, they could turn it against you ( see how I cultivate a healthy degree of paranoia?)

Here is my first music video, it isn’t Black Sabbath’s Paranoid but it’s Riders on the Storm (The Doors) as interpreted by Infected Mushroom (2007). Many of the world’s best songs, stories, and thoughts are generated by paranoia, not through waiting for the nice man to turn up with a tuna sandwich. See the rather amazing video animation below! I just realised this was released in Israel and made by Israelis which is probably why it is been ‘unliked’ so many times on YouTube. Just want to point out that I am not pro-Israeli government policy, but that doesn’t mean all people who happen to be Israeli are evil! I am not pro-British government policy, but I am British so anyway… I don’t want to get into this debate even with myself!

As some of you may know this brilliant animation was made by Anthony Francisco Scheppherd ( for a song called The Music Scene by Blockhead. I have to say that I think this superb video goes better with this cover of the Doors classic hit. I think I have become addicted to both this video and this new version after I got over the initial shock of hearing such a familiar song being tampered with. Both the music and the video seem to get better, and I notice new details in both sound and the visuals each time I watch it.

OK so now that’s made me a little paranoid but not too much. Everyone who doesn’t like Infected Mushroom or Israelis might now dislike my blog. The thing is I really don’t care whether you like or dislike what I write, due to something we used to call ‘free speech’ which has been replaced in 2018 with ‘be careful with what you say because other people might get upset’. That is another kind of paranoia.

I think there is positive paranoia, but just saying stuff that goes with the crowd to be approved of is not the kind of paranoia I want to indulge in, unless it is essential. I don’t really know what is going on at the moment with the British Labour party. Is taking an anti-Israeli government stance related to antisemitism? Let’s just say that all the Jewish people I know are : 1. atheists 2. very subversive 3. find Israeli politics very embarrassing and upsetting 4. find the British Conservative party and Donald Trump equally offensive 5. are not really interested in that kind of ‘organised nationalistic politics’ anyway. I was going to write more but need to go to bed… I shall have to write more about  paranoia another time…so goodnight British blog readers, good morning American blog readers, hello to everyone else. All nationalities and religions or none are welcome to my blogspace. I will leave you with more music but it’s still not Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, instead it’s War Pigs and a Whole Lotta Love splendidly blended together by Wax Audio. Love and Peace and end Nationalism! We are all sharing this planet and we need to work together to stop climate change, focus on that!




On borrowed time to a Fascist Britain

Hello Good People who still evidently read this blog!!!

I woke up this morning in a rage and wanted to write an enraged post about Britain today. But then I read some of the comments some of you kind and creative people have written to me and I read back on some of my posts and found a lovely video on youtube of Kozmik Andy at some hippie gathering in a pub in Cornwall and my heart softened and I didn’t feel so enraged anymore.

I stopped doing my blog because of many reasons but partly because of being under surveillance, I am not a threat just an individual, and these days The State in all its oppressive manifestations has become more powerful and more obsessed with stamping out and obliterating anyone who cannot conform, as well as poor people, who do not generate much profit for big business. Of course this has always happened but now it is happening more than ever before in my lifetime. The ideology of ‘Austerity’ and the media propaganda about poor people, immigrants, single parents and their children, and people too ill or disabled to work, portraying them all as greedy thieving terrorist dishonest lazy vermin who are bleeding the country dry of money is as nasty and deliberately constructed as Nazi Propaganda about the Jews .

As a consequence many ‘respectable hard-working people’ don’t give a shit if all those people die, are homeless, cannot get an education, medical treatment and commit suicide. I wouldn’t call those people respectable, I would call them brainless breadheads.

Yes I am tired of hearing about ‘Austerity’ and I am tired of hearing about ‘Brexit’ and I feel physically sick when I see yet another TV programme is aired in this country on poor people, which are nothing short of fascist propaganda, generating hatred to make a nice little profit for the TV channel and its advertisers.

We are living on borrowed time to living in a fascist Britain.

A bit of Bob Marley here:

Factions, factions and angry people everywhere and poor people’s rights not just eroded but beaten up, thrown out on the street, abused and stabbed to death, all in the name of ‘Austerity’.

What exactly is this ‘Austerity’ fiction, who created it?

How come we let so many politicians and decision-makers to make a nice career for themselves with ‘Austerity’, why do we allow the TV and newpapers tell so many lies about the poor and anyone different?

Well I can refer to my own personal experiences in the past two years, this week I was totally screwed over by the state, the law,  the medical profession for being ill, poor and daring to study part-time and caring for an elderly parent on a weekly income of £56 a week ( after rent) . Yes I have been abused by the state and treated like vermin for the past couple of years even though I care and look after so many people for free while I am ill, and many other friends and family around me have been mistreated in ways I have never seen before and all of our lives have changed.  Yet if we were living in some other European country we might be treated much better.

Most days I don’t feel like a hippie, I feel like an angry despairing person who looks after others and is treated like an outlaw for being ill, but maybe I need to return to my hippie roots.

If we can gather collectively in peace and without career-minded politicians, or patriarchal hierarchical religions, maybe we can challenge the propaganda that is turning good people into homeless poor people, and others into the bitter self-righteous little fascists in the UK today.

This song expresses some of my sentiments, but I don’t believe that rioting would be constructive, we need something stronger where we can live our lives well with dignity. In our hearts and minds we do need to riot and to tear down this oppressive system, then maybe we will be ready and confident to go and make radical changes in a more powerful enduring constructive way without violence or causing more cause for bitterness and revenge. We need to get many laws changed, don’t know how to do that, perhaps some inhumane laws need to be ignored or challenged outside the UK.


This blog entry wasn’t reminiscing to good times in the past, but even those good times were set in pretty oppressive times, but we managed somehow to have a powerful, creative counterculture all the same, and even though we did things in our own world apart from the mainstream system, we managed to change things, so why can’t we do it now?

If you are interested in alternative music of the hippie variety you may be interested in this fanzine ‘Stick it in your ear’ . One of the regular contributors is a revolutionary friend of mine Mr. Brian R. Banks … although he doesn’t like banks in general.

I found this excellent youtube rant from 3 year’s ago, unfortunately the negative results from the ‘Austerity Ideology’, that he predicted [4.30 onwards] have already come true without the successful opposition he was hoping for.

Signing off with my usual ‘Love and Peace’? Even when I am angry? No!

Perhaps now is a time for harnessing rage into constructive creative community (offline) opposition. Not just protest but actual alternative lifestyles in spite of Austerity ideologies where the poor die and the rich prosper.