About me….

I wish to be anonymous for now!

I am a musician living in London. I spent the early years of my life in Chelsea in a guest house off the King’s Road. I was surrounded by 60s and 70s music and the hippie counterculture which my parents hated. This was a positive lifelong influence.

I have always been interested or obsessed with new music, education, alternative lifestyles, creating a better society and have done things that go against the grain.

In this blog I rant about the old and new and tell stories from my past of alternative happenings I was part of.

Thanks for reading.

p.s. that blurred photo I put at the top is of The Stonehenge Festival in 1983. The third one I attended. If you look towards the horizon on the left of centre you can see a blurred Stonehenge .The Anti-Media people were not directly connected with free festivals (except for me) but it was part of the whole 80s counterculture .


  1. I’m really impressed!! Keep up the good work. I’ll have a serious rake out of old flyers n’stuff for you soon.

  2. Thanks Arnold!!!!
    I hope to see you in a couple of weeks . I thew away some things myself last Summer when trying to de-clutter.If you have any flyers of the Hampstead Town Hall gig the night before the battle of the bean field and anything else please bring it or e-mail jpeg to me if possible.

  3. Oh! It’s an old. Arnold is better!

  4. Hi… I’m the one who uploaded that Ozric video you linked to!

    Loved reading about the old gigs in the Crypt, unfortunately I was only a little kid in primary school in those days (26 now) but oh how I would love to have been around then. Nothing like that happens these days!

    Funnily enough I have a recording of an Ozric gig from the Angel Centre in Tonbridge, just before Halloween ’86 where one of the band memebers actually announces the fact that the following week they would be playing wtih two lineups in two places at the same time!!

    Cheers and see ya out there

  5. Hello Grerman
    Thanks so much for your comment and for your clip which I borrowed without asking!
    Thanks for making contact. You will see I write about the Ozrics in other posts and will probably write more.
    There ARE still things like that going on!
    Like at certain psychedelic hippie festivals and recently I went to a club in Hitchin called “Born to Go” and they had a fantastic set up with great visuals and “Omnia Opera” and
    ” Peyote Mothership” 2 really impressive live psychedelic bands. The club and both bands have myspace pages and ” Born to go” do all their publicity on myspace. If you can travel to Hitchin get down there it’s worth it.
    In the 80s we thought nothing was going on and that it was all over after 1973 or so but that was until we created our own scene and found others. None of it was in the papers or on the internet it was all word of mouth or just people setting something different up together because there was a need for something different.
    Anyway thanks so much for contacting me and for supplying that bit of film.
    Love and peace

  6. Ello Born2rant,

    I just came through the Stargate from Plant Gong thread link on Steve Hillage.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your food for thoughts about him and other articles you have provided for us to see, read and share with us. . I was also at Hyde Park back then. I have been an Electrik Gypsy since 74′. I was based across the pond 74-76′ then again in 85-93′. I am now over on this side of the pond South La Petite Roach, Arkansas. I will be crossing the pond once again in March for the System 7 gigs. I plan on stopping in Born to Go club for a pint during my trekking upwards North for Phase 4 gig of System 7. I am little tired and need to hibernate for those up coming gigs. I shall return. Drop me an email line if you want to chew the rag…Once again, thank you, for sharing some of this Golden Vintage Voltage Dazes…

    Peace and Keep Zee Faith

  7. Hello CK

    I’m glad you found me and my blog. Nice to hear from you and glad you enjoyed what I’ve been writing about.
    Maybe we will bump into eachother but anyway do stay in touch and thanks again for the kind comment.

    Peace and Keep Zee Faith too!

  8. Interesting blog. You might like to check out my blog The Way Back Machine. http://thewaybackmachine.wordpress.com/

  9. Hello

    Came across the part of ‘Its Easy To Be Terrrified’ reproduced with good visuals in your programme about OpenMic Songwriting Communities. I’m still writing see a recent effort with the combo I’m now part of ‘Kinder Bruised’. Also initiating a project regarding ‘Its Easy To Be Terrified’ which involves a collabaration with an artist and an invitation for musicians to contribute different versions of the song as a soundscape for the visual art. Do you have any more recording from that night? Respect for your Blog: Best Wishes John

  10. Should have said the track by Kinder Bruised is visible at


    • Hello John

      Cheers for the info. I tried to find you online before making that particular project. Glad to see that you are still doing stuff.
      The whole night was made into a tape and sold at Bunjies. My tape is quite damaged. I don’t know where else you could find a copy.
      Keep in touch ( not finding the time to do this blog much!)
      Love and Peace
      P.S. the best people to contact are Razz or Simon Scardinelli who recorded it. I am afraid I don’t have numbers or emails for either.
      Take care

      • Just noticed the most recent posting – I believe I still have the original DAT masters from the Bunkies sessions – e mail me at simon@scardanelli.com for more info.

  11. Hi There anonymous! Simon Scardanelli here, came across this by accident – would love to hear from you – e mail me directly if you like. BTW wouldn’t mind my name being spelt correctly here! Hello to John Gash as well, and anyone else from those glorious Bunjies days.

    • Hello Simon

      Thanks for the comments.
      I’m sorry I didn’t spell your name correctly!

      Take care

      • So do I know you born2rant? Did you play Bunjies around the time I did? And why the anonymity…..? BTW wasn’t offended by the spelling, it just showed up in a google search which someone else had mis-spelt.

      • Hello Simon Scardanelli!
        Well I guess I’m being kind of selfish by being anonymous. A couple of people know who I am, quite a lot of people found me by surfing the net and guessing who I was by the things I write about. This has been a huge drawback and now I hardly write here because there’s this creepy feeling of people who know me in an academic, musical or professional sense who can read my often very personal thoughts and crazy history. I just prefer to be anonymous and also it goes with this ethos I am rebelling against, all those people who seek fame and relentless self-promotion. I tried doing that at one point as a songwriter and hated it.
        I have been approached by record companies wanting to advertise on my blog and although I could really do with some money I have so far turned them down because, at least here, my ethos is also a rebellion against music and creative things for money.
        I study music from all over the world, in most cultures everyone is a musician, and it is done for sacred purposes or to bring together the community.
        I have nothing against people earning money from music but when I produce music or creative stuff with money in mind, it’s crap! However if one day I write or compose something, for its own sake and it happens to earn me a living then I would not refuse it. I think it would change what I produced subsequently though.
        Finally I’ve always wanted to be an anonymous songwriter and an anonymous writer. Anonymity helps me to write honestly . Unfortunately I am now not so anonymous but cling to the last bits of anonymity that I can.
        One day I may feel different. I do like to tease people sometimes so maybe it’s a power trip too!

        Take Care Simon!
        Born2rant ( in time you might find out who I am! and yes I did play at Bunjies a lot)

  12. Three years ago you left a comment on a blogpost I did on Steve Hillage. I don’t recall if I got around to visiting you but I just revisited your comment which led me here and… man, what a lovely energy you’ve embedded in your blog! Even without knowing your name and other biographical trivia, I can sense a kindred spirit and a genuinely lovable human being. I’ve grown a deep root in the Malaysian jungle, living amongst some Orang Asli (aborigines) since 1992 – and if you ever find yourself literally in my neck of the woods, you can be assured of a place to bunk down and endless cups of tea. Please keep the email address handy.

    • Hello Antares

      Thanks so much for your comment. I don’t know if I am that loveable, I can be nice and not so nice like most people.
      However I did appreciate your comment. I haven’t planned to go to Malaysia but it’s not entirely impossible that I could end up there as I have an interest in the music from round there. I will keep your email and thanks for getting in touch!
      Love and Peace

  13. well well well – remember the shit sandwich? Worshiping at the wailing wall? Baseball cap on? Thick as a tree……………….Pentameters – what a name to conjure with – Dogs with buckets on their heads – scratch scratch – All sorts of fun and frolics

    • I remember the shit sandwich. The wailing wall sounds very probable but I’m afraid I don’t remember the other stuff, it was a long time ago.
      Thanks for the comment!

  14. Hello, there. I was wondering if you might have any information regarding a comic book entitled “Stop, Think, Crossout,” that was published by Anti-Media, either in the late ’70s or early ’80s (which is a guess). I’m trying to find out who the artists were and if Anti-Media published any other comics. Any help would be greatly, and sincerely, appreciated.

    • Hello Victor
      Sorry about the delay this blog is not often updated. There was no anti-media comic of that name as far as I know. The other anti-media people read this blog so they will correct me if I am wrong. Thanks for your comment.
      Love and Peace

  15. I’m looking for an Anti-Media publication from the mid-eighties. It’s a comic book entitled “Discorporate” and described as such: “Messy but spirited anti-media comic introduces Anti-Media Man & more. Printed on a rainbow of papers in different coloured inks. 20 A5 pages, 20p.” Do you happen to know anyone from that time who might know about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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