London under siege of euphoria

Hello Good People who read this blog

Yesterday evening, during the rush hour, a strange thing was going on in the West end of London. I was in the street and people were rushing about without scowling. In the packed supermarket people were scrambling to buy champagne, nibbles and cakes and even the staff seemed happy, partly because they were about to go home and get a day off. On over-packed tube there were happy French tourists, happy Americans and drunk bureaucrats coming home from work after a few drinks.

On my home territory there was a similar atmosphere and last night at around midnight the streets went quiet, without traffic, just the odd shouting drunk. Was everyone on Prozac? Was there a second coming of Mohammed/Jesus/etc.. or maybe we had all somehow won the lottery , saved planet earth from ruin forever, or maybe The Beatles had travelled from a time machine in the sixties and were doing a gig on some central London rooftop?

No! I opened my copy of the Evening Standard and found there was a wedding about to take place and euphoria had spread like a happy virus in the rush hour.

I saw no opposition to this wedding, because the paper said how they’d had them all arrested beforehand by rounding up the usual suspects. Ah isn’t it lovely to live in a free country where the police know where you live, and where London can be sanitised, cured of the presence of beggars, tramps, and people who don’t fit in the frame of a pretty wedding photo.

But who is this Kate woman, someone who smiles constantly with no visible traits of personality ? I’d like to see her interviewed by Jeremy Paxman for a good hour, her smiley fake tan face, plain clothes and pretty hair are not enough information for me. Maybe I should have watched the film about how William met Cate or Kate? You see I don’t even know how you spell her nickname.

They will be travelling in the same Rolls Royce that was attacked when it strolled into a group of random protesting anarchists, how very symbolic and a bit pathetic. Yes, like so many plebs I woke up and decided to watch it on the box, some of my close acquaintances are meeting dressing up in wedding guest clothes, waving Union Jacks, and will be having a wedding breakfast with lots of sherry and champagne.

Apart from my cynicism, I have to say I do hope that the wedding goes on without any terrorist attack or people getting harmed from overcrowding etc.. But I think a protest, somewhere should be allowed and if I was Prince William I’d be a bit p***** off that I get demoted to Duke of Cambridge. That’s because there is a Royal Secret. The Queen will never die!!!!! She is here forever in her pastel clothes, hats and condescending attitude to us plebs who pay for the lot of them. The last joke must be on us!

Some people think this song was written by Hawkwind but actually this is only a cover, the lyrics were written by the Queen in 1953.

I must go now, I have work to do. Plus must turn off the  TV, just saw Victoria Beckham posing in her funeral outfit ,her eyes radiating  dark rays of evil!

P.S. I hope the Queen doesn’t die today or I will be arrested for making a joke about it on my blog!

Love and Peace