Protest march in London tomorrow 26th March 2011

Hello Good People who read this blog….

I’m not sure anyone apart from myself will read this…

Yes, I know, I ask you to subscribe and then disappear in a puff of smoke, if it’s any consolation my nearest and dearest hardly hear from me either due to 1. a lot of studying 2. a lot of writing music 3. a lot of being ill 4. a lot of trying to see my boyfriend and other friends and relatives when not doing 1., 2., and 3..

I really don’t know who has the time to spend online or watch TV, I know I don’t these days, and when I do, I feel bored unless it’s something gripping.

Yes I rebelled against online addiction some time back. I guess I am a hypocrite writing about this on my blog.

I am about to rant in a totally different direction to what I was originally going to .Before I do so , can I just urge any hippies or people who care about our society on any level, to go on the march in London tomorrow Saturday 26th of March, leaving Victoria Embankment at 11 a.m. If like me you oversleep , you can always join it all later in Hyde Park.

This is in protest to all the cuts the government is making in many public services,and many jobs lost, as opposed to making those bloody bankers and politicians who allowed this to happen and encouraged so many to live “on credit” i.e. in debt, for the past two decades, suffer financially themselves.

However having recently studied the history of Cambodia and China, I cannot say I am a communist, although more equality and a fairer society with equal access to education, services and jobs , no matter what background you come from is important to me. But I’m not a communist, I don’t believe in dictatorships as a rule, I like to dictate to myself .

Yes in terms of people spending all their time online. I find this quite disturbing, on the one hand if you are unemployed or ill or just don’t know how to make friends in a stressful urban or remote landscape, then it can certainly make you feel less isolated and validated, a lifeline.

However I have known several people who spend their entire time online and although they may be happy enough on one level, its clear there can be problems.

I am about to say something very flippant, so I apologise beforehand…

Recently a friend of mine told me of his very depressed female friend who had stopped going out, both her and her husband spend their days online in separate rooms and barely speak to one another. She plays online games and now never contacts friends, has abandoned her work and studies and is on anti-depressants, and drinks heavily while gaming all day long. This woman was recently very distressed  because a close friend of hers  had committed suicide. My friend , who was relating this story to me , said he was baffled to hear this news from her. This girl has barely seen anyone or gone out the door for two years. She elucidated  ( ooh that’s a posh word, I didn’t know I was that eloquent, sorry , back to the story) she elucidated by saying her “close friend” was another character in the game she played online.

I said ( here comes the flippant  remark),” You should have asked her if she was an Orc!”.

I then withdrew that comment as it was totally insensitive , but without wanting to sound like an American commenting on my myspace profile, OH MY GOD!  This is so wrong. People spending all day pretending to be other people and fighting battles and killing eachother all day, surely cocaine must be better for you, at least you have to get out and talk nonsense at other people for a bit ( only joking kids, repeat after me “drugs are bad, okay?”). Her unemployed husband is addicted to buying and selling his shares all day, even though he is not wealthy. There must be thousands of people now doing this every day,  even with a poor and unreliable economy.

How long will it be before we need to have rehab centres for people who do too much online gaming, or trading online and ending up broke? If all the libraries, all the leisure centres, parks,all the meeting places for people, like all the acoustic clubs that disappeared due to having to have some kind of expensive licence, if all the places where you can meet people face to face are either too expensive to get to, or are in areas that are too dangerous to get to at night, if all the neighbours stay indoors and never speak to one another, if old friends lose touch and never phone, we will all become incapable of face to face, person to person contact, what will it do to our mental health? I cannot stand the thought of  a whole wave of people staying indoors living out some kind of fantasy online and then getting overly depressed once they turn their back on the computer screen and see the grey reality of their lives and all the problems and insecurities they cannot face up to or solve.

With a good network of friends , people can pull together. It is uncanny how in some parts of the world where people are poorest, and that they survive better emotionally than Westerners surrounded by so many luxuries. We lack community, we lack a sense of belonging, of being able to rely on one another. But I don’t believe in Cameron’s “Big Society” , he clearly makes one rule for business and another for everyone else.

So I am hoping tomorrow we will see a show of unity on the march through London, and maybe make some new friends. I was going to write about Japan and the uncanny synchronicity I experienced with those events, although my connection is trivial being so far away.But I think on a subconscious level we are all linked. …maybe another time I’ll go into that one.

In the meantime I hope you get to the march tomorrow and if not I hope you support those who do and do not believe those who try and make you think we are a load of thugs….and that’s another thing, making squatting illegal, NOW? When people are going to be struggling more than ever, let students squat empty pubs, empty derelict buildings that no one wants to buy or improve, why not?

OK enough ranting…I’ll put on some music. I can’t bring myself to play western music at the moment, as I have been trying to write  music influenced by  other  cultures and am infatuated with it.So instead I’ll put this on, one of my favourite Indonesian tunes I found on You tube from Sunda West Java. Enjoy and have a good and safe weekend.

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it” Mahatma Gandhi.

Here is this beautiful clip of Gamelan Degung enjoy:

Love and Peace



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