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Hello Good People who sometimes read this blog….

Some of you may have found that you have been locked out of this site. A BIG SORRY to you. I want to make my blog private for various reasons and yet I know that I have some faithful readers. I don’t write very often because my life is too busy with good but exhausting projects.

I know some of you still would like to visit this blog so here’s the deal:

For this weekend I am making my blog public again and then on Monday I will set it to private. That means you will not find it through a search engine which will mean less intruders who are not genuine hippies at heart!

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If I feel I need to be even more private than that, then I will limit access to subscribers only.

In the meantime, I have of late , been less concerned with British hippies and more with music videos in South East Asia, as well as my own music projects.

So here are some videos I would like to share with you.

Firstly this band from Indonesia called Project Pop. I love them to pieces and so does most of South East Asia. They don’t have a specific genre but like to parody different kinds of pop music. Here they are with a song where Metal Rockers and Dance DJs do battle called Dugem vs.Metal (Dugem refers to Indonesian House Music):

and now for something completely different, some beautiful Molam music from one of the highland tribes in either Laos or Northern Thailand, I love this music and there’s tons of it online from the most insipid pop to this:

Ready for some more delights? Well this video just makes me smile. This little guy is singing in Isan and plays a character from an Isan tribe also in Thailand. I don’t understand the words but you really don’t need to , just watch the crazy video. He  falls in love with a city girl who comes to visit his village as a tourist to look at the arts and crafts and meet the tribes people, but when she leaves his heart breaks and he must find her again. This guy has tons of charisma, I don’t know his name but he is a star! This is a style of music called Luktung ( country music) but to me it sounds like just a great tune.

In the UK , long ago,  pop and rock artists got way too cool to write strong melodic pop tunes. London bands are the worst, they may be good, but the whole music media machine has ruined their ability to see that writing or playing good music is not necessarily a British or American thing. No musician should ever rest on their laurels!

One last video, my favourite Project Pop again with a song called Dangdut is the music of my country, a call for peace and understanding and an end to divisions between the many different cultures within Indonesia through the magic of  Dangdut Music. This was a huge hit in many parts of Asia, I put this version up because of the English subtitles but there are clearer versions both in sound and image on youtube. Dangdut is a pop style in Indonesia popular in the 70s , 80s,90s and beyond, derived from Indian film music and various types of Malay and Indonesian pop music.  In this video there are symbollic references to the pop music culture of Indonesia but I won’t go into it here, you can read more about this on this site


I hope the recession brings with it some new political and thought provoking music in the West.

In the meantime here is Project Pop with Dangdut is the music of my country…

Enjoy and subscribe or bookmark this page ( even if I am ranting on about Indonesian Pop!)

(watch this and the previous “Project Pop” vid  seven  times and then try not to sing the tune in your every spare minute)

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