Our shallow superficial culture and talented people

Hello Good people who read this blog…

Some anti-tv vitriol….

I am changing the tone today just for a brief comment on our culture.

I have been watching a bit of TV this week and heard about some exceptionally talented singer on some reality TV programme. I thought I would check out what all the fuss is about. I cannot  post a nauseous clip as the music biz has made sure their protégé cannot be embedded….they’re selling her as an old maid, spinster, too ugly to ( I am modifying my swearing here) “kiss” virgin in need of our approval. What a load of ****ing ******s ( I don’t think I put enough stars on this to replace the letters but I’m sure you can fill in the blanks and realise how much this annoys me!) .

Don’t get me wrong I wish Susan Boyle all the best of luck and hope her career spans longer than a couple of months. But it’s the way the programme is made. Mr. Loo brush head with his dyed fake teeth, hair and skin is trying to portray himself as altruistic putting a talented ugly middle-aged  woman on the stage and prove he isn’t that shallow ( AND SO BOOST RATINGS ) .

The token pretty woman in the middle of the panel ( can’t even be bothered to find out her name) is poised and primed to cry ( I think you can get these glycerine drops for actors to cry, she must have just put them in her eyes at the start and they were beginning to dissolve), that Piers Earnest-Smug-Face person, who also can attribute a new career to fake tan and pretending to be nice , is looking on also near to tears as SHOCK HORROR the UGLY WOMAN HAS TALENT.

The audience has obviously been told to sneer at her and make fun of her when she first goes on the stage ( unless they are really just the average ageist, sexist,looks-obsessed advertising fashion trained public – which unfortunately maybe they are) . then they have obviously been told to cheer lots when she starts to sing. Because SHOCK HORROR someone average looking can sing well.

Why do people assume you have to be beautiful to have talent???? because of the TV and magazines and our very shallow idiotic culture.We’re turning into the stupidest of the stupid Americans! Do you really want that to happen? ( p.s. I have some really nice American friends so I feel a bit bad for writing that…but I guess I am referring to the mainstream American tv culture and ideas rather than individual people)

This next item is totally unrelated to Susan Boyle but is about talent.

There is so much unrecognised musical talent about …I guess only a very small minority of talented musicians will enjoy fame and fortune because the logistics of how many human beings there are on the planet and how few manoeuvre themselves into the media or are thrown into the limelight .I don’t think many people become famous without seriously trying very hard .  The thing is for singer-songwriters, that unless you are famous you can’t earn a living that way. I guess it’s the same in many of the arts but the amount of gigging musicians who are unpaid or pay to play never seems to diminish in London Town.

Here’s one of the many talented songwriters from the London acoustic scene: Benjamin Thomas ( a Bob Dylan fan but I prefer Ben’s music)

This next track is a bit unfortunately named for an oldy like me but I forgive him!

“Growing old is just an easy way of dying”

“The stains on my heart are solitude”


Love and peace


p.s. Question if they removed all the smug or shallow people off the TV would there be many programmes left?

( sorry there is no Marmite in this entry I was just being silly, but there was a meerkat later edited, plus vampires)


  1. Haha, that’s true – you can only really be an aspiring musician if you haven’t yet picked up an instrument.

    In the mainstream pop world there definitely exists an appetite to have beautiful, perfect pop stars. Not only is this boring but it reeks of ‘product’ – which ties in to ‘Later with Jools Meerkat!’.
    Jools might bring on the odd ‘world musician’ but it really is just an upper class TOTP for those at least a decade above their teens. I was too young to witness the Old Grey Whistle Test first time ’round, but that looked like there was some vibe going on. Or at least from the episodes I’ve seen there were more artists with something to tell than sell.

    To answer the question, if they removed all the smug and shallow off the TV, the least we would get is a reduction of reality TV programmes! I only watch the news these days, and even that varies in quality.

    • Hello Mo

      Thanks for that and thanks for your email. Sorry I haven’t replied. I know I was in a scathing mood when I wrote that post. I am well over a decade over twenty and I love live music, been to thousands of gigs in my life , but I can’t relate to “Later” . The Old Grey Whistle test was pretencious and a bit cold, but the artists were more original.
      I know so many brilliant musicians in London who play for hours every day. But the record companies rarely pick up on them. Only a couple of people I have known from the acoustic scene have later got mainstream record deals and it isn’t from lack of talent or professionalism. It’s just that when music is all about money it ruins everything. I keep repeating the same mantra. Most of the best songs from singer songwriters are inpired by pain and soul-searching or some kind of spiritual quest, not though the desire to get a new car.
      Simples ( squeak)

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