It’s the same old story…stormtroopers in the street (and I don’t mean the Star Wars variety)

Hello Good People who read this blog…

(I have just realised that I’ve been taken off the Google search engine..a bit weird…anyone know why?)

I thought I’d post a quickie about the police assault on Ian Tomlinson, who died as a result.

Even though now I know for sure that my emails are copied and I could  be identified.

**** it , my mother was in the French Resistance which was far more dangerous!

Here is the Ian Tomlinson story in film. I’m glad for once that the media put this on the TV. Maybe the media are more powerful than police or politicians and that is why the journalists of the BBC and other news channels must take a stand, take a risk and be the “resistance”. We need alternative media and news coverage to get broadcast as well.

The Police Story ( I think they need to get one of their detectives on the case and get those responsible on trial for manslaughter and those covering up charged with perverting the course of justice)

Ian Tomlinson’s Son

Is wearing balaclava helmets standard police procedure?

(Bumbling Boris was not available for comment. He was probably busy at home, reading the Iliad for moral guidance.)

Jimi Hendrix and Machine Gun seems like appropriate music:

I hope to bring you something a bit more cheerful next time.

Love and peace


P.S. Maybe we need an anti-police violence protest, but I guess the headlines would be even grimmer afterwards.


  1. It is clear, that MP’s are worried that at some stage, the public will demand that they take responsibility for their action. However, they are clearly looking to head us off at the pass, with the introduction of a Private Members Bill, which will get its second reading on the 24th April. This Bill is aimed at providing a specific defence of ‘Reasonable Discretion’, whereby any public servant, including MP’s, will be able to claim that they acted in good faith and therefore, cannot be the subject of any criminal or civil proceedings.

    In effect, this will give our MP’s, as well as other public servants, with a ‘Get out of jail card’, provided they can claim that they acted with reasonable discretion. So, if an MP or Minister can claim that they acted on best advice, no matter how dubious, then they have a legitimate defence of reasonable discretion. Exemption of this type will just encourage reckless actions where public servants know they can act with impunity? I have written about this subject on my blog: There is more information on my blog:

  2. Hello UK Voter

    Thanks for your comment and keeping us informed. Some of the things implemented by the powers that be, without much public debate , are very worrying.
    Love and Peace

  3. I take it you’ve seen this too…

    Can you explain how talking, even shouting is justifiable provocation for these actions?

    • Hello knk

      Thanks for your comment. Yes I have seen the footage and I was tempted to write something else about it, but I heard on the grapevine that a lot of people got hit for no particular reason on that day. if it wasn’t for the media showing the stuff on youtube no one, apart from those on the receiving end would ever know. I think people have a right to be angry , but violence never put a stop to violence.
      I’m very glad that the BBC is not as afraid of the governement as it was previously and has put this on their site.
      Love and peace
      p.s. and what about those people arrested yesterday for planning to protest?
      There must be police spying on environmental groups…well why don’t they do something more constructive? After all these people are trying to save the planet!

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