for Jason Stuart

Hello Good people who read this blog

I just made a complete and total arse of myself online…a stupid story. But maybe fated.

In the process of being an idiot I just found out that Jason Stuart, keyboard player from Hawkwind died today after a sudden illness.

Please send a loving thought his way and to all those close to him.

Lots more on the Official Hawkwind site

Clip of Jason Stuart playing at Hawkfest 2007, demonstrating his eclectic keyboard skills and vibrant live performance

According to the Hawkwind myspace the funeral will be taking place on Thursday in Honiton and Matthew Wright from The Wright Stuff will be commemorating him on his show.

Quoted from the Hawkwind myspace blog

“Jason Stuart – More funeral details and a couple of other points to note

Jason’s coffin will arrive at The Volunteer pub in Honiton at 2pm on Thursday 18th September. The family have requested that everyone meet there and walk behind the coffin to The Church of the Holy Family, where the funeral service will take place at 2.30pm.

Any Hawkwind fans who attend the funeral will be welcome to come to a reception held by Hawkwind after the service. Please email us at
to let us know you are coming and we will send you the details.

Secondly, Channel 5’s Matthew Wright will be paying his own personal tribute to Jason on this Thursday’s show which runs between 9.00 – 10.30am.

Finally for now please take another look at the Jason Stuart tribute gallery by clicking
as we have added some more pictures that we hope you’ll appreciate.”

Here is one of the pictures from the gallery set up on the tribute page on the main Hawkwind site please go visit this for more:

Love and Peace and a moment for serious thoughts


Life is precious, don’t forget it


  1. Sad to hear of the death of a Hawk. The videos I’ve seen, he always looked like he was really enjoying what he was doing. Cheers Jason.

  2. very sad that Jason should die so young.

  3. Thanks for your comments and sweet thoughts. I only wrote a brief post because I think those who knew him should really be the ones to tell his story.
    If you would like to pay your respects go to the blogroll and click “Hawkwind” on their forum they have an online book of condolences and tributes from members of Hawkwind.
    See also the official Hawkwind myspace site.

    Sorry I have not been more specific about his illness. I saw my own mother have a brain haemorrhage a couple of days before she died, it was extremely traumatic to witness . So my best wishes ( however lame that sounds) go out out to the family , friends , other members of Hawkwind and all the musicians he worked with..XXXXXXXXX

  4. I hope that Jason’s funeral went “ok” today. I was not able to attend but I hope that many people did. I just wanted to send my regards to all those who attended.
    Love and Peace

  5. very sad to hear the death of jason. me and my dad are a great fan of hawkwind always have been and always will be R.I.P jason..xxxx

    zarazinia and del x

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