The Unexpected Disappearance of Matthew Wright

Hello Good People who read this blog

Now please forgive me for writing about a well-known tv presenter in spite of my anti-media roots but I have my reasons.

Recently Matthew Wright has discussed in a positive way alternative lifestyles, squatting of long-term derelict buildings owned by property investors abroad, on Friday he had criticised his fellow-panellists vehemently for not understanding how our freedoms have been eroded, and had spoken out against the 42 day detention law without charge . He explained the possible repercussions of this new law in layman’s terms on a show which would reach many people who may not watch other types of more high-brow political programme.

Please see clips below ( unless “they”channel 5 or others! remove it from the internet…spooky paranoia is setting in!)

On Squatting:

Ben the Squatter was brilliantly eloquent and reasonable advising people to fix property rather than damage it and not to occupy buildings unless they were abandoned long-term. He remained calm in spite of a lot of hysterical criticism from some members of the panel and came across well.

Alternative Lifestyles Part One

Alternative Lifestyles Part Two including ex-Frestonian Antonia calling in and describing the Frestonian community at length:

Please see his comments at the bottom of the post entitled

Freaky Coincidence?The Wright Stuff with Matthew Wright

from June 5th...he has left three comments in all. He is not a friend or employer of mine by the way but he has somehow found my blog! I was watching his show with interest for some time as he seemed to be challenging key issues in our society.He is not paying me to write this stuff I have no vested interest except wanting to support someone in the mainstream media who speaks out for our freedom and alternative lifestyles in spite of a lot of opposition. I don’t always agree with all he says by any means but he defends our right to certain freedoms.

Anyway on Friday when he and Tony Robinson discussed with passion this new 42 day detention law, he also announced with great excitement that he would have David Davis ( Tory MP causing a by-election by standing down as he wants a referendum on this new law) on the show.

I thought he said “next week” I may be wrong.

He also said he was trying to get Kelvin MacKenzie on as they were not allowed to have just one side on the TV and it had to be balanced politically. He seemed pretty excited about it all.

It sounded quite ambitious but promising. They were also commenting on how we are gradually turning into a police state like in the years building up to Nazi Germany and must do something about it now.

I didn’t manage to catch the first couple of minutes of this morning’s show, so maybe I missed something but basically he’s not there he has been replaced by Kay Adams who has filled in for him before. She announced that Matthew Wright won’t be in all week.

So what has happened to Matthew Wright? please see footnote*

Choose from the following options

a) He is suffering from stress after challenging the police and government so effectively on live TV or been so harrassed that he needs a break

b) The producers or someone is telling him to cool it, that he can’t have a serious political debate on a morning show and to go off on holiday for a bit

c) He has been detained for 42 days under the new detention laws

d) He couldn’t get either David Davis or Kelvin MacKenzie on the show and wants to save face ( I think this is unlikely!)

e) He has got some genuine sudden illness/emergency /bereavement which they announced in the first minute of the show and that I missed.

f) He was arrested at yesterday’s “Stop the War” anti-Bush demo by walking down Whitehall which was forbidden.

g) He actually announced that he was going on holiday last week and I missed it totally and am just being a paranoid silly person due to my experience at the park on Friday ( see previous post)

So Matthew if it is censorship I assure you that you can come here to rant in my comments section along with anyone else with something constructive to say.

We need people in the mainstream media to challenge some things and get people thinking.

Any thoughts from anyone? Did I miss some announcement?

Matthew if you read this and I got it all wrong put me right! Hope you are ok both Matthew and all my readers. Don’t let the paranoia take over it’s not the way to be.

Love and Peace


P.S. If I go missing please someone come and find me !

Footnote * Of course I could end up with egg all over my face and blog and missed him saying he was going away on holiday last week. But if some one knows of this let us know. I reckon he’s at home listening to Hawkwind with his pipe and slippers.


  1. Ben The Squatter sounds reasonable. If you’re not harming anyone and you leave when the property needs to be put back in use I’ve no problem with that.

    We allow erosion to happen because of apathy. People hear “oh right, this is for our own good, I’ll go with that” and then turn off their brains, which you’re right is no different to a certain period of German history. If you market something sweetly, people continue to look at the marketing and not the underlying proposal. People don’t really learn it seems, each generation needs to feel the pinch to understand.

  2. I knew Matthew Wright at university and he’s a dude. Glad to see him using his position.

  3. Thanks Belle for your comment.

    If when I started this blog anyone had predicted it would be a focus for Matthew Wright fans I wouldn’t have believed them in a million years. But he has now “come out” of the dude closet and we now know that in spite of his suits he is a freedom fighting Hawkwind loving beatnik underneath.

    Fact is stranger than fiction!

    I realise you were a student with him rather than being a fan. But bearing in mind that he may read this and we don’t want to embarrass him….is there anything you’d like to share with the rest of the class?

    Love and Peace


  4. Come back Matthew its just not the show without you! I have been trying to find out what happened to him too. apparently he is coming back next week…..hip hip hooray!

    • Hello Linda

      Are you a certified hippie???
      In any case, yes Matthew who is my friend or perhaps acquaintance, via this blog is recovering from a back operation and has been taking it easy.
      I miss his presence on the show too. I wish he’d get Hawkwind or Here ad Now, or other alternative musicians, to do a little spot on his show though. Maybe a Friday spot at the end of the week…but I am sure he knows best how to run his own programme.

      Love and peace

      • Matthew Wright singing with Hawkwind

  5. I do not always agree with the opinions and senttiments expresed by M.W. – but will always derfend his right to put these forward, albeit at times he tends to cut off those callers who radically appose his views . But like many others it would appear I missed any explanation which might have been forthcoming about his sudden disappearence from the screen and think that normal courtesy should have been granted to his regular viewers who miss the cut and thrust of his arguments

  6. Hello Anthony
    Matthew habitually goes on holiday this time of year and he usually returns in September.
    He is working 5 days a week most of the year so I guess he needs a holiday or he’d go bonkers.
    Love and Peace

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