Freaky Coincidence?The Wright Stuff with Matthew Wright

Hello Good People who read this blog!

Something just happened that has freaked me out ( man!)

At 2.a.m. this morning I put up my last blog post about Frestonia, but also I asked if journalist and tv presenter Matthew Wright was a secret anarchist hippie ( although he is also an openly male chauvinist piggie!). -p.s. 16/6/08 I am regretting that last comment now but in the spirit of freely expressing opinions I will not edit it out as I thought it at the time even if I think now I may have been a bit harsh or even mistaken ( mistaken? but I am always right!)

Well The Wright Stuff is on Channel 5 as I speak ( or as I write) and he just shocked me by having quite along feature on alternative communities in the UK including Frestonia ( please look at my previous post called “Frestonia , Your Essential Entertainment & Lifestyle Guide” if you want to understand what I am on about), he mentioned that Here and Now was one of his favourite bands who he said lived in Frestonia and he said he’d been part of the free festival scene in the 80s .

Just now he had a call from a woman in Hastings who lived in Frestonia and she spoke with him for a long time about how great and creative the Frestonian scene was.

So now I wonder

Is this a freaky coincidence ( man) ? Did someone at Channel 5 read my blog and tell him to get hippies on ( seems unlikely but not 100% impossible), or is my stream of consciousness writing tapping into some kind of collective unconscious psychic weirdness? Did the woman who called in to talk about Frestonia see my blog?

I have watched The Wright Stuff many many times and it’s the first time they have ever mentioned Frestonia or Notting Hill in the 80s.

I was already freaked out by finding a photo of someone I recently got to know on Tony Sleep’s site of frestonian photos. I am obviously having some kind of strange coincidence day!

I already had pre-stage nerves now I’ll be wondering if some other weird coincidence will occur this evening!

I’ll finish with something a French hairdresser told me who cut my hair in a small seaside town last week. As we chatted it turned out that her brother in law and my mother came from the same tiny village in France.

“Il n’y a seulement les montagnes qui ne se rencontrent pas”

( only mountains don’t meet, i.e. people who move about all meet eachother sooner or later)


My God what the hell is going on???????? ( am I imagining all of this and have finally gone totally bonkers?)

In the interests of “balanced reporting” here is Space Ritual playing under the Westway about 2 years ago.

<a href=”; rel=”tag”>the-wright-stuff</a>


  1. Stonehenge 1984. Hawkwind, Here and Now, Roy Harper (falling off his chair) Solstice on the Solstice, running naked in a field with a beautiful girl called Sue jones while The Enid did their thing and a piece of plastic that was just soooooooo yellow! Happy Dayz

  2. PS You got any more photos? I only have two to prove I was there!



  3. Hello Matthew Wright!

    As you can tell I am deeply cynical about whether or not this is you. But some cynicism is good on the internet, I can tell you stories of people who pretended to be all kinds of people they weren’t before.
    I was also at Stonehenge 1984 with my ex-partner and our son in fact I think we played a couple of gigs there that year in our band. I also saw Hawkwind, Here & Now, Roy Harper and many more including my friends “Treatment”.
    I saw the Enid but in London.
    I have a really good friend called Sue Jones but I guess there’s probably a lot people called Sue Jones. Because you mentioned Sue Jones I now think you could be one my friends playing a trick on me!!!!!
    But if you are Matthew Wright thanks for contacting me. If you are really Matthew Wright then I would ask you to prove it by saying something daft on your show like
    ” Vegans eat Marmite sandwiches” but that seems rude.
    Do read the Anti-media stories you might find them interesting and stay in touch.
    Love and Peace

  4. P.S.
    To Matthew or anyone else!
    If you want to see footage of the Stonehenge festivals I have put some on my post called “Who killed the hippies?” . To find it click on this:

    Also there is more on youtube I just put the ones that helped me tto tell my story.

    I am less freaked out now, it was all a bit much on one day but have calmed down and just think it’s great that so many people are interested. A lot of younger people don’t know anything about these events. I wrote this entire blog because my son begged me to do so. It gave us confidence to have free festivals and we felt empowered to build our own communities.
    Love and Peace

  5. I’ll be going to Hawkfest at the end of July – maybe see you there. And yes, it really is me. Tomorrow’s show is gonna feature a debate with Tony robinson on whether civil rights have a sell by date – the Magna Carta’s mighty old these days. Is it still relevant?


  6. Good to see you back on the air Matthew, looking more relaxed and mellow like that yellow bit of plastic.
    You need a “Hawkwind passport” to go to Hawkfest ( plus a ticket, costs money), so I don’t know. I like Hawkwind a lot but I always thought “ID cards are next in line to disregard”
    Love and peace
    p.s. not managed to get through to Sue Jones yet to find out if she was the same one, but I doubt it.

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