Gong Live Now and Then

Hello good people

My blog was hacked into earlier this week which of course can make you a bit paranoid also very strange behaviour on my computer so I am offline a lot more!!!!! than usual in case anyone’s trying to contact me.

I thought I’d post a video of Gong who were had a great influence on me and other musicians I knew.

I think Gong is one of those totally underestimated bands that broke new ground in many ways. At the outset a lot of their music didn’t take itself too seriously and in fact they were very silly a lot of the time and sometimes disturbing . I guess because of their hippie characters and stories of gnomes and flying teapots and taking lots of drugs a lot of people might have ridiculed them.

However in my opinion it’s good to be silly ( if you knew my music you’d understand!). I think that to be creative you have to be prepared to play the fool. You have to be prepared to be a child and play in a sandpit of sounds and colours , to experiment and if you sing about death, or silliness, or drugs,or sex or any angle of life or personality or human experience or modern life, nothing should be taboo( only blandness and constant plagiarism).But then I am opinionated!

I believe to be truly creative and imaginative you have to be prepared to get messy and for no one necessarily to understand what you are doing.

Plus the live element of music with individuals in a band jamming to a point where they can guess by intuition the key change, the tempo change. That’s what made Gong and other bands so great and what is lacking in commercial music , in computer programmed music, and in the spirit of youth so petrified of standing out from the crowd and doing something NO ONE has ever done that they churn out music from a safe category.

Come on younger musicians prove me wrong! Go do something wild not just to get a record deal but for the progression of music/art/culture/vision/spiritual evolution!

In the meantime this is a weird combination that’s why I am putting it up.

A film I found of some footage of Gong at the Gong Unconvention in Amsterdam 2006

Here they are performing  “The Witch’s Song / I am your Pussy”  (Gilli Smyth/Daevid Allen)  from the  1973  album “Radio Gnome Invisible, Pt 1: Flying Teapot” ( not Angel’s Egg as I wrote before…it’s been a long time since I used to listen to these albums regularly!) .Young people , well younger than me anyway, into System 7 may recognise Steve Hillage in the middle in his black T-shirt to his left and right are Gilli Smith and Daevid Allen I don’t know the others….help me out!

For more excellent footage from the Amsterdam Gong Unconvention on youtube that cannot be embeded try this link

here’s Gong in 1972

Being experimental on French TV 1971

If you want to change anything you have to take risks!

Back Monday…Love and Peace

I can’t resist putting this one at the end!


  1. I went back stage after a gig in Brighton and got to talk to the band, namely I think it was Didier Malherbe, and asked if they’d come play at our community centre -‘Centre Maillols’ in Festes-St-Andre, France on their next tour. They said it would cost about £400.

    So, I went back home to Fr. and talked to our social secretary who estimated that was a bit too much. What a travesty! That would have been the biggest and maddest gig ever for ‘Les Maillols’.

    The social sec. died a bit later. Anyway, that was years ago but the only memory I have of Gong except that I used to share a squat with Kif Kif le batteur in Frestonia, well in St-Annes crescent/road that was literally just round the corner. I also used to squat in Bramley rd proper. On the one hand, times to forget, on the other regrettably unforgettable days. I think you know what I mean.

  2. Hello URnotMYfellowDJ!

    Thanks so much for your comment. Please comment again and tell us more.
    I have in my life known both the positive and negative sides of the alternative scene . Here I am not referring to your comment and not to Gong in particular but there are definitely instances of drug tragedies, paranoia and where there is power and money involved a lot of crooks in hippie’s clothing who managed to dupe everyone.
    I guess in my blog I am focussing more on the positive.
    On balance I’d much rather have a healthy rebellious counterculture that feeds on artistic creativity and intellectual arguments than what we have now.
    I am inspired by your comment top write this but it may not have any direct bearing on what you are saying except for the ” regrettably unforgettable days”.

    Love and Peace and Best Wishes to you


  3. To me it is necessary to find

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